RGB Assurance

RGB Assurance is an engineering consulting firm specialising in the provision of consultancy services, software development and training in the area of high-integrity, safety-critical systems. In particular, we specialise in complex, multi-technology systems comprising software and electronic hardware. The two directors of RGB Assurance - Dr Neil Robinson and Dr Alena Griffiths - collectively possess in excess of 40 years experience in the industry. They are recognised experts in the field and both have extensive experience in engineering practice, engineering management, software development and also in teaching and training.

RGB Assurance currently has offices in Brisbane and Perth. Our staff include experts in systems assurance, systems engineering and software engineering, with postgraduate qualifications and extensive hands-on experience on major projects in the rail, defence and other industries.


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Systems Assurance

We help organisations plan and execute their system safety programs to achieve accreditation.

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Reliability Engineering

We provide services in Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) engineering and management.

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System and Software Engineering

We help organisations with all aspects of systems engineering, especially for software-intensive systems.

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Expert Advice / Independent Professional Review

We conduct independent professional reviews to determine the adequacy of the system / functional safety and its level of compliance based on compliance with relevant standards.

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Research & Development

We have developed and delivered products and systems in the high-integrity systems area.

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We provide training to industry in the areas of systems assurance, in particular for system safety management, rail safety and engineering for high-integrity software-intensive systems.

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Human Factors

We provide practical expert advice in the area of Human Factors, specialising in Human Factors planning and assessment, and in the analysis and design of human-machine interfaces.

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Data Analytics

We have expertise in the analysis of large data sets to identify risk trends. We developed the Australian Rail Risk Model (ARRM), and have applied machine learning, vision processing, and artifical intelligence to assist both industry and government agencies to identify and quantify risk.

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ICT Security

We provide Information and communications technology (ICT) security services for high integrity systems. This includes ICT security risk assessments and development / monitoring of ICT security plans.

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